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    Abstract: Technical Tessellations: Origami, Aerospace and Architecture

    Yves Klett

    Folded structures are commonplace in everyday life, be it in newspapers, teabags or oil filters. But folding as a design method and manufacturing technology can be extended to a much wider span of possible applications. While for the last few thousand years, folding as technology has been a result of straight-forward experimental trial and error, the study of the underlying complex principles of the science of origami (ori kami – folding of paper) has gained a lot of attraction during the last decades, resulting in new methods for the design and simulation of folded structures. In parallel, the search for new cellular materials for lightweight sandwich construction in the aerospace sector has shown that isometrically folded cellular structures (or foldcores) show promise as a multifunctional alternative to state-of-the-art materials like honeycomb cores.

    This talk will present newly developed computational methods for the design of isometrically foldable structures as well as resulting hardware that has been produced at the Institute of Aircraft Design (Universität Stuttgart) and which has been successfully deployed in an architecturally inspired demonstrator.



    Yves Klett studied aerospace engineering at the University of Stuttgart and did his PhD on the development of folded structures for industrial applications.
    He works as a post-doc at the Institute of Aircraft Design in Stuttgart (IFB) and is the team leader of the sandwich group at IFB.


    Yves Klett

    IFB Institut für Flugzeugbau,

    Universität Stuttgart

    Pfaffenwaldring 31

    705698 Stuttgart

    Dr.-Ing. Yves Klett



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